CMLC Hiking Challenge Patch Design

Patch Design for the Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy’s “Hiking Challenge.” Participants in the challenge would recieve a patch for having completed it. The challenge will consist of a certain number of hikes on properties that CMLC either have conserved or have helped fund conservation for. Once the participant completes the designated number of hikes (some are guided hikes with CMLC, others can be done at one’s leisure), they receive the patch.

Project Goals:

The goal is that the patch will be eye-catching and attractive thus garnering attention and inquiry when another hiker notices it sewn onto their backpack or hat. The patch for CMLC should prove to be a highly desirable item that will motivate their members/potential members from the outdoor community to partake in, and complete, the challenge.

Components to include (but not limited to) on the Patch:

  • Hiker
  • Mountains
  • “CMLC” or CMLC logo
  • The words “Hiking Challenge”

After a few rough drafts, we came up with the idea of using the Brevard White Squirrel (indicative to the area) as the “hiker.” I sketched up a few squirrel images and we went from there finalizing the colors, images, and look and feel of the squirrel.

This was such a fun, creative project to be a part of! I can’t wait to see the final product on a bag or hat!

The final patch is in! Take a look 🙂

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